Library/Computer room

We aim to facilitate the development of a reading culture and an appreciation of literature within the community especially the children and youth by building a facility which will:

  • provide access to a variety of books and reading materials;
  • facilitate activities that foster a reading culture;
  • increase the literacy and basic skills of the local young people;
  • provide access to and opportunities to develop computer and IT skills;
  • provide opportunities for young people to share their understanding with others



Mobile Library

Even once we build our library most of the schools in our target area are many kilometres away making it difficult for the young children to access the books and activities that will be on offer. It makes sense then to have a mobile library that can travel to each school in the area to provide access to not only to a wide variety of books, not available in their schools, but also to activities that motivate, encourage and engender a love of reading.

Mwayi Trust is now registered with the National Library Service of Malawi and we have access to a variety of books to stock the bus.

We need to purchase a coaster bus or small van that can access the country roads and carry hundreds of books, reading games and activities. A teacher will be an integral part of this project developing programs and travelling with the bus to provide reading activities and library lessons at each of the schools.


Community Radio Station

Discussions with the Chiefs and the TAs for Kunthembwe and Kuntaja have been held that identified the need and overwhelming support for the establishment of a community radio station in the area. Meetings were then held with many village groups (children, youth, mothers, adults, religious leaders, Head Teachers, community workers, Chiefs) to solicit their ideas, opinions and needs in relation to the need or demand for a community radio station and what programs should be offered.

Mwayi Community Radio will be established and operate with the support of the local communities. All positions will be volunteer positions. Local community members will be selected to staff all areas of the radio station from reporters and presenters to technical and administrative staff and receive ‘on the job’ training.

We have submitted applications twice for a Community Radio Licence but to date have been unsuccessful. No reasons have been provided but we will continue to pursue this dream.


Please contact us if you would like any further information or if you are interested in sponsoring any of these projects.