As a small local NGO with currently no paid employees we welcome any support that you can provide whether it be donations, sponsorship, your skills and experience or your physical energy.

You can choose to donate funds to:
Our general account: enabling us to purchase essential items e.g. stationery, printer cartridges, teaching and learning resources.
One of our many programs listed below: depending on your interests and how much you want to donate.


Student Sponsorship Program

For $15 per month

You can sponsor a Secondary School Student Girl and enable them to continue their schooling and sit the Malawi School Certificate of Education. With your donation we provide:-  a school uniform, school bag, stationery, school fees, examination fees.

If you choose this support please be prepared to do so for at least 2-4 years, so the student will have the opportunity to complete her studies.

Homework Centre Program


Donations will provide stationery, teaching and learning resources, balls and educational games. 

$10 Photocopy paper to make teaching and learning resources for 1 Homework Centre   

$15  An educational game for 1 Homework Centre

$15 = Chalk and dusters for 1 Homework Centre for 1 year

$20 = Exercise books for 1 Homework Centre for 1 year

$20 = A soccer, netball or volley ball

$30 = Pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and rulers, for 1 Homework Centre for 1year

$50 = Coloured paper, laminate film for certificates for Peer Educators

$50 = Prizes for Homework Centre Presentation Ceremonies for 1 Centre

$120 = Rewards for 60 Peer Educators – Maths Instruments kits

$180 = Subsidising lunches for Peer Educators

$200Sponsor 1 Homework Centre for 1 year


 Vocational Training Centre:

To date we have spent $63,000 and the building now has a roof. We now need approximately $72740 to complete the Centre.

$20 x  1 bag of cement  – 200 bags needed             = $4000

$50 x 20 ltrs of paint   – 40 tubs needed                 = $2000

$70  x Sanitary ware for toilets  x 10                       =  $700

$100 x Glazing for 8 workshops/offices                   =  $800

$110 x A wooden door          – 9 needed                   = $990

$250 x Double metal doors  – 5 needed                   = $1250

$500 x  Materials for courses                                    = $5000

$500 x Contribute to building/ labour costs            = $25,000

$1000 x Sponsor furniture for a workshop/office   = $20,000 

$1000 x Electrical wiring for a workshop/offices    = $8000

$5000 x Sponsor the Toilet Block                             = $5000



Sponsor a Workshop, Activity or Event

 You could choose to sponsor any of the following:

         Literacy workshop for girls and women

          –   Computer workshop for youth, teachers

          –   Sporting event including equipment and uniforms

          –   Music or art and craft workshop

          –  Job seeking skills workshop for youth


Other Requests for your consideration

$10,000  x  Transport costs of a container of resources from Australia to Malawi. 

$18,000 x  Purchase of a coaster bus for transporting students at the VTC as many live long distances from the Centre

$18,000 x Purchase of vehicle for Mobile Library


Please contact us if you are interested in supporting or donating funds to any of our programs.