Mwayi Trust is a  Non Government Organisation founded in 2009 in Malawi, Africa by a group of friends who believe in the power of  the community working together to provide opportunities for the children, youth and all community members to develop skills, self worth and improve their quality of life.

We are based within the Traditional Area of Kunthembwe located in the Southern Region of Malawi. This area lies on the outskirts of Blantyre approximately 8-40 kilometers past Chileka Airport and consists of 119 villages.

Our Vision

Our vision is communities working together to enhance the quality of life of all its members and ensure children and youth have opportunities to develop positive life styles and achieve their potential.

Our Mision

To provide access to educational support programs and vocational training for children and youth including those with special educational needs and establish a community radio station.


The Team

Sandra Trevethan – Executive Director

Sandra Trevethan is a co-founder of Mwayi Trust. She has wide experience in the education sector having worked as a primary teacher, special education teacher: with learning difficulties and emotional and behaviour disordered adolescents and for thirteen years as a Principal running schools for young offenders. From 2005-2009 she worked as a volunteer with Australian Volunteers International as a lecturer at the only Special Needs Education College in Malawi. She is committed to working with communities to ensure all children have equal access to education and vocational training and opportunities to reach their personal, social, and academic potential.


Margaret Ali – Chairperson Board of Trustees

Margaret Ali was a Member of Parliament under Kamusu Banda from 1977-1983. She has been and is the chair of several boards including:

  • Gender Network Org
  • Child rights Committee
  • Chair for church committee, and is the
  • Vice Chair Human Rights Consultative Committee
  • Vice Chair CSCQBE (Basic Education)

Currently she is the Executive Secretary for Save the Children Malawi. She is committed to ensuring all children have access to quality education and that the human rights of all community members are protected.


Mary Kaphwiti – Trustee

Mary Kaphwiti started her career as a primary teacher. Later she became a specialist teacher (visual impairment) in both primary and secondary schools across Malawi. For the past six years she has been a lecturer in the VI department at Montfort Special Needs Education College. During that time she has been the project officer for a Braille Research Project. She is committed to helping vulnerable children and youth achieve their potential.


Pastor James Mbewe – Trustee

Pastor James Mbewe is a Pastor at the United Pentecostal Church and Presbyter for Blantyre District. He was a lecturer at the Apostolic Bible College for over 8 years. He is the Director of Chisangalalo which is a Community Based Organisation (CBO):

  • operating a nursery school
  • assisting disabled and elderly persons
  • runs activities for youth

He is committed to community development and improvements in agriculture.


Ken Williams Mhango – Trustee

Ken William Mhango completed a degree in education in Zambia before returning to Malawi to take up positions in Human Resource Management. He was a trade union leader for 12years. During this time he was:

  • the Personal Advisor to the President on labour relations,
  • Chairman International Labour Organisation
  • Board Member- Malawi Privatisation Commission
  • Chairman Wages Advisory Council

Currently he is the National Director of the African Network for the Prevention and Protection of Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN), he is committed to developmental issues especially human rights of the child.


Modecai Msisha

Modecai Msisha has been a legal practitioner since 1975 and is a partner in the Law firm Nyirenda & Msisha. He has held positions as a lecturer at both the College of Accountancy and Chancellor College. He is a board member of several institutions including St Andrews International School. Since 2000 he has chaired or been the legal advisor on several governmental commissions of inquiry. He has a keen interest in human rights and good governance.


Carmel Young

Carmel Young has been an English teacher in secondary schools in Australia for the past  25 yrs. She is also a qualified librarian. For two years she worked as a volunteer through Australian Volunteers International to introduce an electronic library system at the newly established Catholic University of Malawi. During that time she became an integral part in the establishment of Mwayi Trust. On her return to Australia she has continued her support through establishing networks and partnerships with relevant organisations including eliciting donations for specific programs and for transport. She is active in community work in her local community and is an ardent supporter of social justice initiatives.



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